What do you do with this?

So this weekend I handed Veronica one of these:

She had no clue what it was. 🙂 I told her it was a camera so she looked through the hole pushed the button. She after that she looked the camera up and down trying to find the picture she had just taken. I then had to explain to her that in order to see the pictures from that camera you had to turn it in somewhere and usually wait about 2 weeks while the pictures were developed. Then she had to ask me how to know if the picture turned out, and I told her you just have to hope for the best. 🙂

Of course then after she took the first picture she couldn’t make it take another picture so she threw it on the bed saying it was broken. So we had a few more lessons about this antique camera and she happily walked off with it for the weekend. Of course I had to tell her not to waste her pictures because it wasn’t unlimited.

Kids have it so easy these days!

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