Sunday Shorts

1. While driving to see family this week I heard Danielle say “I love you, but not in cursive”. She was talking to Veronica. I know she loves her sister, but I guess it’s not serious enough to be in cursive.

2. ok so I mentioned that Danielle has started reading. Today I heard her sounding out the word “remember”. She is so smart.

3. Thanksgiving was nice. It was the first time my WHOLE family had been together in almost 10 years. It was good to see everyone.

4. Sitting on the kitchen floor with Jillian this evening I was throwing a ball and she was walking and catching it…she’s a better fetch player then the dogs.

5. This week is going to be busy!! I love the holiday season. Sometimes I wish I could live in the whoville where it’s Christmas year round.

6. 30 days until the hubster and I are at our cabin on the edge of the Ozark mountains! I think part of me still thinks it isn’t going to happen, but I’m letting myself get excited.

My whole entire family…all together!

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