Somebody, must be praying for me

I have often talked about my love for the website Postsecret and how I have seen secrets on there that I could have written and it makes me feel less alone. Well a few weeks ago I saw one that was a picture of a bridge and it said something to the tune of “I worry about money so much every time I’m in the city I try to remember bridges that would be good to live under”. You guys that’s me!! No I didn’t write and send that one in…but that’s what I do. I notice what is around it, if there will be someplace to find food, if it will be safe for the kids.

Well that Sunday morning I told myself no more! I told myself that I had 3 children to take care of and I’m going to offer them security and safety. That was my new goal. Well that afternoon (or maybe the next day), the hubster talked to me about an opportunity that had just opened up. One I didn’t expect to ever open up. The in-laws wanted to sell us their house. Well it’s not my type of house. It’s not the dream house I have had in my head for years, but to be honest unless I win the lottery I will never have that house. It would take a lot of work and I wasn’t completely sold on the idea…so I went back to forth on it for a few days. I asked my friends at work their opinion, I talked to the hubster about what it would take to make me happy there. I talked to Danielle and Veronica to make sure they were ok with it and I got their opinion on it.

We discussed the importance of all the changes that would need to be made and how to afford them. We talked about a contract and what it would need to say. I kept trying to make sure I could be happy there and how this time would be different from last time I lived there and was 100% not happy. I went back and forth and back and forth some more.

That is until God hit me in the head with another sign. I got about 75 boxes delivered to me at school. I had placed the order about a month ago for something I learned was a really good way to teach vocabulary. I didn’t mean to get 75…I didn’t even think my order worked. But that day after looking at the pile of boxes in my classroom I felt at peace. I told God that I heard him loud and clear and that I would trust him that this was right.

So at this point a contract has been written that both parties can agree on. My pinterest is full of home remodel ideas. I’m actually starting to get excited about the whole idea. I even have the perfect day picked out to move. This isn’t the journey I had planned but I trust that it’s the right one. When things fall into place quickly I have learned not to question them.

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