Friday Night Fun

So Friday night after what was probably the longest day of the school year the family and I drove to the big city to the Newsboys concert. I never was one for Christian music but I like the Newsboys. Their songs weren’t just throwing Jesus in your face…I mean to took me forever to figure out that their “Breakfast Song” was saying they don’t serve breakfast in hell so you aren’t there no matter how bad it is. I always thought it was…you don’t want to go there because you’ll never get breakfast. It is of course the most important meal of the day!

So fast forward and now we listen to Newsboys…we listen at home, we listen in the car..we sing at the top of our lungs when it’s on. It was great to see Veronica jumping up and down and singing with the band. Danielle of course was sleeping. It was a great concert and a great way to relax from the stressful day.

Veronica even got the autograph from one of the bands that opened for them.

Daddy with his girls.

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