Mommy, What do you call that feeling?

Friday morning I woke up a little early and eager to get the day started…well actually to get the day over with but it can’t be over until it starts. 🙂

So after dropping off Jillian the girls and I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to treat everyone to peppermint hot chocolates from McDonalds (those are awesome by the way!). As I pulled into the drive-thru a voice in my head said I needed to do it. It said I needed to pay for the car behind me. So without telling the girls what I was going to do I did!

When I was at the second window 2 high school age kids walked up to my window to thank me for their free breakfast. So the girls and I talked. I explained to them that I was happy I could make their day, and I was a little upset that I couldn’t get away fast enough without them knowing who I was. I told them that I didn’t do it to get the thank you, but I did it because it was the right thing to do.

So Veronica asked me “What do you call that feeling?” As we tried to put a name to it my little Veronica came up with a bunch of different ways to keep that feeling alive. So now we are going to take on the challenge of 25 days of Christmas and do a Random Act of Kindness every day in December up until Christmas. And if we never find a name for that feeling at least we can spread it every where we go.

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