A date with my daughters!

On Saturday the girls and I ventured down to Houston for some fun. We didn’t tell the girls where we were going because we wanted to surprise them. We kept giving them hints through the week like “there will be singing” and “you need to look your best to meet with royalty”.

First we stopped for dinner.

Danielle ate almost her whole dinner with chopsticks

I managed to keep it a secret until we parked! I even told the lady when we were paying for parking that I was going “somewhere for the kids, but it was a surprise”. It was cute the look on her face and how she helped me out as best she good. This was Danielle’s first time to Disney on Ice so she had no clue what to expect and Veronica didn’t really remember it from last time.

Pretty awesome seats
One happy little girl!

I got each girl a Minnie mouse doll. They loved them and held on to them through the whole show.

She tired to pretend like she was too old for it, but I could see the excitement in her eyes.
I ❤ Aladdin!

The showcased a few of the movies…Aladdin was my favorite but the girls loved Aerial and Tangled. At the end they showcased all their royal couples.

They love their surprise saturday!
We love you Minnie!!

Watching my girls get excited about seeing all their movie heroes really made my heart soar. It just made me that much more excited about planning a trip to Disney World….hopefully one day soon.

I love dates with my daughters!

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