You were there today….

We were in the science lab today talking about different forms of energy Mrs. B brought up how the strings on a harp vibrate to create sound and I said “You know I have a harp I should really bring it up here one day”. She agreed and told me to run home and get it.

You were there today.

I showed it to some very excited 5th grades and explained how it came to be and how much it meant to me. They were amazed that just one person could make such a beautiful thing today.

You were there today.

As the day went on and I told your story…the harps story…our story kids kept being amazed begging me to play it. Asking me why I hadn’t had lessons.

You were there today.

One kid came up to me and said “Mrs. D he must be a pretty special man if he can make this” I said of course you were and she asked me a few more questions about you. She then told me that she could just sit here and listen to me talk all day long.

You were there today.

I explained to the kids how it was the one thing I would save in a fire. How it was the most important possession I had. They were so interested and so excited. My excitement for everything, for those feelings I had put way back in my heart, that pain that I had 10 years ago came back and I found myself smiling. I was happy and joyful. I saw you smiling at the joy your harp was bringing to so many people and I found myself sad when I said that they were the first people outside of my family who had seen it.

You were there today. I’m so thankful for today and how it brought me closer to my students and closer to you. It’s been 10 years since I had to tell you good bye, but today your memory grew stronger and in a whole new group of kids.

I love you grandpa.

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