Sunday Shorts

Why can’t the weather be like this all year long??

1. Well Jillian has finally taken the big step and started walking. It’s still just a little bit and in her mind crawling is still faster but I don’t expect that to last for long. Danielle is also growing up…she was reading a story with Matka and she’s really close to being a reader herself.

2. As you know from yesterday’s post we will be having Deer chili for awhile but the one thing I didn’t expect with a fresh kill was having to find a home for a deer tail. Not the butt like some people mount just the tail. Veronica could not be prouder of her accomplishment. I’m so happy for her.

3. Saturday my mom and I took Danielle and Jillian out to the high school for Trunk or Treat. It’s the bands annual fundraiser. It was nice and small enough that the little ones had fun. I was totally shocked when Danielle begged to go into the Zombie house. I let her and she was a little scared but she handled it well.

4. Saturday night the girls were with my mom and Hubster and Veronica were DJing the homecoming dance…so I called some girlfriends of mine over and we went to dinner and went out to a party in the woods. It was their annual Halloween Party. It was nice to hang out with the girls and just have a good time.

5. This weekend my facebook feed has been full of people talking about the movie Cloud Atlas. So I went on youtube to try and see what it was all about…even after watching the official trailier I was totally lost. So I sent the hubster to watch it and explain it to me. You guys…hubster was just as confused as I was and that NEVER happens. So it probably won’t be one we try and get a babysitter for, but it’s really interesting to me that he was so lost.

Well my house is clean, my kids are happy, my lessons are ready for next week…I just love this time of year. I hope you have a great week interwebz.

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