Tis the season!

Well it’s that time of year again…the time when the weather is colder, the evenings are darker and you can’t find camo anywhere in the store because it’s all sold out!

Yep it’s deer season! This weekend marked youth weekend. The time we kids get to go out and prove that they are true Texans and make their parents proud by bringing home the bacon or venison as it’s called.

I have been deer hunting once and was yelled out for checking facebook because apparently the deer can sense those things…really? So I have never been much into it. I know it’s part of our culture and what some people rely on for food, I feel as long as it’s not wasted and people are doing what they need to with it and being legal, why not.

Well my little Veronica has been practicing and trying to hoping for this weekend. She took two showers without soap so she would smell just right, she went to bed early so she could be on the stand before the deer woke up. 4:30 this morning she was locked and loaded. I was a torn mom…I wanted her to be successful but I also wanted to her to fail. I mean she’s only 8! But she wanted to put food on the family’s table, it was important to her that she provide for her family.

First shot…guess the lucky gun strikes again!

She was excited and I was crying tears of joy! She had a little anxiety when she saw the blood, but she’s very proud of her accomplishment. So we will celebrate that and talk her through any issues she has.

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