Just Sarah

So I decided about a week ago to take today off. I was in bad need of a me day. I have been trying to find a day that would work…a day without meetings, or ards, or fun lessons…but I knew that I had to put myself first and just do it. Today is that day!

Danielle asked me why I was taking off the day, and I said it was because I needed to not be a teacher and I needed to not be a mommy…I needed to just me Sarah.

I needed to not have to repeat myself 100 times, I needed to not deal with cutting in line drama or explain the importance of bringing a pencil to school.

I needed to not have to send kids to bed, or keep a little sister from bugging a big sister. I needed to be able to go to the bathroom without having to quiz spelling words. Happened last night!! Don’t get me wrong I love that I have an awesome wonderful job, and beautiful smart children…I wouldn’t change that for anything, I just needed to slow down for a bit.

So today I’m Just Sarah. There will be Vampire Diaries and breakfast tacos…there will be Nickolas Sparks and pizza rolls…there will be naps and a good book. My phone is in the other room and today I’m just being me.

This weekend looks to be a fun filled one with a do nothing relaxing one right around the corner. Plus a cold front came in last night..doubly awesome!

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