1,001 Days Later!

Writer’s note….to be 100% true to this whole process this blog should have been written on Thursday, but life as it as with teaching and kids it comes to you a couple days late. So please forgive me

If you will remember this blog started with a list…a list of 101 things I planned to do in 1,001 days. So here we sit 1,001 days later and I have learned a whole lot of things. I didn’t get all 101 things done but I feel I did so much more.

If you have been here from the beginning you have seen the blog change titles and themes, you have learned a lot about the crazy inner workings of my mind. You have been there with me when I talked myself down from anxiety attacks and you have shared in the joy of daily life with my wonderful family.

I think I’m loving my whole “3 queens” theme and I think it finally truly fits me and my family. We are slowly running out of room here on our little spot on the interwebz and I have to make decisions. Do I finally talk the hubster into putting out the money for a “real” blog? Do I just limit how many pictures I upload? I have 29% of my room left…so I will figure out our future soon. Here’s hoping the next 1,001 days will be just as magical as the last 1,001 days.

Enjoy the updated pictures!

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