What’s on my mind?

If I worked at Wal-mart as a cashier I would make up stories about the people I check out. I would look at what they were buying and try and figure out what they were going to do. Were they stocking up because they just get paid once a month? Were they making fajitas based on the cheese, tortillas, onions and meat? Sadly I do this when I’m walking around the store and I take a quick glance into someone’s buggy. I try not to look, I’m always worrying about what people will think when they look into my buggy. I always try to hide the embarrassing stuff we have to buy.

So one day while checking out a Sam’s with no screaming kids I asked the cashier that very question. I asked him if he ever tried to figure out people’s stories based on what he was ringing up. He said sometimes but it more like when the couple are talking to each other and not based on what they buy. He said that usually he just sees couples arguing. Well that made me sad both for the couples and for him. I thought it would be a boring way to have that kind of job. I guess I’m more of a “make the best of what you got” kind of person.

So I still continue my little wal-mart story telling. I also wonder what that strangers that follow me on pinterest must think. Sure you can tell I”m a teacher and I have kids (girls), but what do you think when I pin that off the wall thing that just doesn’t make sense to the average person but makes me LOL at the top of lungs?

I believe we all have a story to tell, we just have different ways to telling it. Some will shout it from the roof tops, some will be silent and hope you read between the lines, while others will give you little hints and hope one day that you just stop and ask.

Since we are speaking of laughing and stories to tell….here’s a gem I found while playing around the interwebz. I only hope your tears run down your cheeks instead of your legs as you read this. 🙂

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