Sunday Shorts- It’s offically Fall Edition!

Not that that really means much here in Texas, except we probably won’t be breaking 100 anymore but the 90s are still fair game. So this morning didn’t go exactly like I planned when I woke up, but so far it has still been an amazing day. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to church but when I saw both of my big girls ready before I had even brushed my teeth I knew I had to do whatever it took to make it happen. It’s a good thing I did too because Father Joseph was saying exactly what I needed to hear.

1. We planted mum plants in our front flower bed. The girls were so excited to get to do it that I just sat back and took pictures. They wouldn’t let me help. I know that my mom has been teaching Veronica about plants because she was saying the exact things I had grown up listening to.

2. Danielle has decided the best way to run fast is to “pretend there’s a dragon chasing you”. Hey whatever works to get you moving I say.

3. With the cooler weather I’m really getting excited about the stuff coming up in Fall for my family. I wish it could be fall year round.

4. Saturday the girl’s spent the day at their granny and pawpaw’s getting the deer stands ready. They were putting corn out for the deer and learning the importance of doing it early. Veronica then we and got her hunting license. I guess my girl is going to go deer hunting this year. It won’t be often, probably just kids weekend, but I can’t deny her the chance. It’s something they do around here and I want her to get to experience it. However as her mom I go back and forth between hoping she catches something and hoping she doesn’t.

5. While the girls were away the hubster and I went for a drive around town. First we started to try geocaching but that didn’t work out how we wanted to so we went house hunting. More for just ideas and to free our minds. We ended up at a mom and pop lunch place sitting outside eating fresh hamburgers. It was such a relaxing afternoon. We even invited my mom to come join us, it’s always nice to have adult time with other adults.

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