Rainy Sunday Shorts

Ok to be fair it hasn’t rained all day, it just started raining a few minutes ago, however it’s raining while I type this…so our shorts are rainy. 🙂

1. Glee is back!!!

2. Saturday we went down to Conroe to take Jillian’s 1 year birthday pictures. Where did the time go?

3. My mom joined us for the pictures and after them she took all 3 girls home with her so the hubster and I could have some much needed time to ourselves. We have barely seen each other in the last 2 months with school starting and all the late nights he has put in.

4. It was wonderful to have a night without “the interrupters” as I have taken to calling my children. To actually have a conversation with the hubster. We ordered hot wings and stayed in bed and watch Doctor Who. I’m still making up my mind on the show, but the relaxation was totally awesome!

5. When the girls were at my mom’s she sent me pictures of them planting plants in her yard. I’m thinking I might need to plant some too this year.

I I think I have more to write…but I have kids that need to go to bed and such. I hope you have a great week interwebz!

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