Topsy Turvy Thursday!

So my alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. like every morning and I crawl out of bed, little did I know I would not actually be going to work that day, though I didn’t find out until I was ready to walk out the door!

Jillian had thrown up in her sleep…usually not a huge deal for a baby. She didn’t do it so much that she woke anyone else up and as gross as it sounds I don’t think she even really noticed. However once I got her out of bed I knew she wasn’t feeling well. She had a low fever, runny nose, refused food, wouldn’t stop spitting up. Since Hubster was doing something special for work it was up to me to be the parent. So I dropped everyone off at their schools and went to my school with a sick baby in tow to plan for a sub. It took me an hour and 1/2 to take care of all my kids (even the ones I work for). So we got home and Jillian was ready for bed again. Since I wanted her to go down at about normal time I made her stay up for about an hour until it was finally 9:00. I gave her a little medicine and a bottle and my baby slept for 5 hours!!!

When she woke up she was a toddler!!

My soon to be one year old!

Just a few days shy of one year old my baby has had a growth spurt and is starting to look less and less like a baby. Even though he fever has gone and her appetite has returned I’m glad I kept her home because she never would have napped like that at day care.

Oh and a total silver lining to me being home was that I was home when they cut the dead trees out of my front yard so I was able to get some tree cookies for my students!! They love studying tree rings. 🙂

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