What’s on my nook?

Well let’s see, I’ve gotten through the first two book of the 39clues series. It’s like Amazing Race meets National Treasure! My only complaint is that they are each written by a different author and everyone has a different writing style. So every time I start a new book it takes me a little while to get into the flow of it. They are very easy to read and I have even turned Veronica onto them. Every once in awhile we’ll tuck her into bed and hand her the nook to read until she falls asleep. She likes the extra attention and the chance to read.

The other book I’m reading is the first in the Alchemist series. Now I have to say that I bought this book because of the cover and because it was on the bestsellers list about a year ago. It stayed sitting on my shelf until my mom came asking me for a good book to read. I handed it to her and told her I didn’t know anything about it but she could let me know. You guys!! It’s amazing. It’s of course a young adult book, but it’s good. It’s about Irish mythology and it’s based on actual people. I love the way Michael Scott writes. After reading the first book my mom went out and bought the rest of the series…I’m trying to time my finishing with the first book with payday so I can buy the rest of it. The hubster read it in a weekend. If you enjoy Percy Jackson and all that then you will enjoy this book. I have enjoyed getting introduced to a whole new mythology and seeing how it ties in with our world. So if you are looking for books to read those are my two recommendations for you.

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