Moments with Matka

On one of the last few days of summer the girls and I planned on making candy. I had done it MANY years before (when I was about their age) so I knew about what to do. That morning my mom called asking what we were doing, when I told her she said she was bored and was coming over too. I joked with the girls and said “looks like we are entertaining your Matka too”.

When my mom arrived she had ingredients and cookbooks in hand determined to change our plans around. So we made kolaches and bread.

The best part of bread making is pounding down the dough after it has risen.
Danielle learned the importance flouring the table before rolling out the dough
Very carefully putting the depression into each ball of dough to make room for the filling.
Cherry filling!
Behold our homemade Kolaches
Jillian approves of the yummy goodness!

I’m grateful to my mom for keeping traditions alive in my family. We make noodles and my grandma’s chicken soup at Christmas time, and she’s taking Veronica to Hallettsville to make Czech Strudels in October. I hate to hear about traditions dying and I’m thankful that my mom works hard to keep them alive in my girls.

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