Sunday Shorts- Brand new edition. :)

Well I hope you enjoyed that walk down memory lane. I enjoyed reading the old posts and going back to those feelings I had, but now that school is going good I’m ready to update you guys.

1. Jillian sleeps in some funny positions. The other night when I was tucking in Danielle I looked over at her crib and had to take a picture. I might have to start a “sleeping babies” series of photos.

it looks like she’s running in her sleep!

2. Veronica loves her new teacher, however in the first week of school she has complained that she doesn’t get enough homework. I told her to give it time.

3. My students are awesome. So much different than last year. We are having a good time. I finally feel myself getting into a “I know what I”m doing” role as a teacher. Everyone said by my 5th year I would have it down. I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years.

4. Danielle is so excited to have homework this year! Her first task was to write her name 5 times. When I picked her paper up from school and read her name I asked her who wrote it, she told me she did, but I didn’t believe her. It looked too good. finally she convinced me.

5. On Thursday in my class we watched a live spacewalk on the ISS!! No we aren’t studying astronomy but I never miss a teachable moment about it. 🙂 The kids just couldn’t believe it was happening right as we were watching it.

6. Veronica got her letter to join Honor’s Choir. She has been waiting to join for 2 years now and she’s already planning all her rehearsals and such. Oh and this year she also get a full day of GT (gifted and talented) She’s extremely excited about that. It’s going to be a busy year for my little girl.

7. When we took D to school last week we learned that they weren’t doing official work yet. It was still basically their summer program, so she got to join in all the “first day of school” stuff with us. That morning I woke up all 4 of my kids with the youtube video from Finding Nemo where he is swimming around saying “First day of school, first day of school”. My girls loved it, but the grumpy big kid didn’t enjoy it. Oh well it made everyone leave the house smiling.

Veronica’s first day of 3rd grade
Danielle’s “official” first day of school

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