If a tree falls….

After the first GNO of the new school year (the one where I had a large margarita instead of my usual small), I came home to take over parenting duties so the hubster could go to work. The kids were already tucked in so I was just relaxing watching my crap t.v. and thinking about the new school year. At about 9:30 our cat Sassy jumped on the bed next to me, all of a sudden I heard a loud noise. As soon as I heard it I looked at Sassy to make sure it was just in my mind, even the cat was raised up looking for the sound of the commotion. This told me that something really did happen and it was time ti panic!

So I sat in my dark room in the middle of my bed holding the panic button on the remote to the house alarm praying that the kids would be fine. After about 10 minutes of freaking myself out I realized that I was the adult in the house and that I should do the adult thing. So I slowly walked around the house turning on every light as I passed it, my finger was still positioned on that panic button, I didn’t see anything. Then I looked outside…

A tree had fallen on our car!! It broke 2 windows and turned the lights on. So I went outside to assess the damages, and called the hubster home from work. Well because it was 10:30 at night we were able to really do anything about it right then, so the next day was a wild day. Every single one of my friends that passed my house called me to tell me there was a tree on my car. One of them even parked in the driveway and called me to make sure I was ok. I laughed at her and reminded her that she had seen me this morning. πŸ™‚

So a few days go by and we are still cleaning glass and limbs from our drive way (worse timing every Mr. Tree, we are busy people right now) and Veronica looks at me and say “I wonder why God made the tree fall on our car”. What? Ok we talk a lot about God’s plans and everything happens for a reason, so she wanted to know the reason for the tree falling. I of course talked about the drought last year and gravity (it sucks being the kid of a science teacher some times) but we also talked about how it might be YEARS before we know why the tree hit our car. I told her the story about me quitting my job and going back to college and it wasn’t until last year that I figured out exactly why it all happened the way it did.

She agreed with me and was happy with that, but she still wanted to think about the reason, like me she has to put everything in a nice pretty box. She finally just said that she believes we are all living in God’s big huge doll house (at this point she corrected herself and said “Doll World”)and he is moving us around and playing with us the way any child would play. We can’t see in His mind how the story plays out, but as long as we bend to His will things will happen like they should and we will be better off.

So my question to you guys is not If a tree falls in the forest will anyone hear it…it’s Why does the tree fall in the forest? πŸ™‚

** Yes I did take pictures of said accident but they are on my phone and from the dark and pretty crappy

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