My heart…my soul…my love

In just a few short months we will celebrate 10 years of marriage. I love my husband so much. Here is a post from 2 years ago about just how much my love has changed and grown over the years.

Anyone who has known me for very long has known me to be a complete romantic. Growing up I use to think that marriages were filled with roses, and sparkling zales boxes under Christmas trees. I believed everyone had a prince charming and if they were lucky they would get to find them. Well this past week I was reminded that marriage is tough and a struggle but with a true prince charming completely and totally worth it.

Before my husband married me it was always his dream to do computers for government (security stuff). Well through the years he has found different ways to combat that urge with other jobs. That is until monday when his cell phone rang.

It was the NSA (yes interwebz that’s the National Security Agency) calling his cell phone. Through their magic NSA ways they had heard of him and wanted him to come to San Antonio and interview. His first response was that he would need a week to think about…. So let’s fast forward to friday, he took a “mental health” day to think about this and around noon the phone rang again. They had given him a week and the NSA wanted their answer.

My husband turned down the NSA! He told them that he would get so into his work that his family would suffer and he was not willing to do that. He would be so wrapped up in what he was doing he would forget to come home, or go in on the weekends. He wouldn’t have the holidays he has now. I always knew that would be his answer, but secretly it made me very sad. When he told me about his phone call I cried. I cried for my husband, and I cried for him letting go of that dream. His let one dream go for the only other dream he had ever had, to have a family and be a husband and a father. So I decided in that moment that I would work to make sure my family lived up to his dreams.

So while he might not have ever ridden in on a white horse and I might not get little black boxes that sparkle when I open them, I have my prince charming. He helps around the house, takes care of the kids when I just can’t handle them, gets me ice cream when I give him a sad face and loves me so much he wold give up the opportunity of a lifetime just to be able to spend time with me.

I am truly blessed to be living with a once in a lifetime love.

Sarah @—>—->—-

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