How it all started

Here it is, the post that started them all. The idea and thought that made me realize I needed to change some things. It’s still something I sometimes struggle with but I like to think I’m so much better at it. in the last two years I have larned that it’s not awful to spend 2 weeks at home…you have to realize that those two weeks you are with your family and to make the most of it. Enjoy!

When I was in elementary school (in the late 80’s) I remember a visitor coming to our school and asking us what we would do if we have $86,400 to spend every day. He said no matter how much we spent or what we spent it on we would loose it all at the end of the day, but we would get the same amount the next day. This would happen everyday for the rest of our lives. I remember being amazed at the huge amount of money that was and thinking I would save it first and then buy cars and houses.

The speaker then told us that we actually do get that much every day, though not in money, in seconds. In seconds that we are alive, in seconds that we get to spend with our family. In seconds we get to hold our loved ones and experience all the richness life has to offer.

Now I don’t remember much from elementary school, but that I remember. I have wasted more then 631,138,520 seconds. Recently I have come across a craze where instead of doing New Years resolutions people are doing 101 things in 1001. This is more practical because they are smaller things that someone can actually stick to and you have a longer time to get them done. So on January 1 2010 I start spending wisely.

And this is my journey!


One thought on “How it all started

  1. Wow! Tour comments about time and seconds have really got me thinking. It is very thought-provoking indeed! When I think about it, I must waste thousands of seconds doing nothing! I must dedicate more of that time to the important things in life!

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