Wordless Wednesday…back to school edition!

Well here it is my first day back at work. This year is going to be great. I’m a little nervous because of all the new faces on my campus, but I have put together a secret committee of MBP (moral boosting people) and we have already done some things to make this year a positive one! So here are some pictures around my classroom.

It’s awesomesauce!
Way cool science stuff! We use science journals, so I made a poster of a table of contents to fill it out with the kids.
my app wall. The folders open up like apps. Oh and I love the little cartoon people I have put around my room. they make me smile.
Even Jillian was helping.

Last year was a rough year. Everyone in the district knew about “the class”. Every time they went through a grade at least 5 teachers would retire, I can’t explain what it was with that class, they were very needy. Anyway I had one student that always made me laugh. I told her that she always made me smile. So the last week of school she drew something for me and when she handed it to me she said “Mrs. D I’m giving you your last smile so remember it”. I laughed and said it wasn’t my last one because every time I saw it I would smile.

She sitting above my desk, making me smile all day long! OH and my student free handed that!
I work with some great people!

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