Last Sunday Shorts of the summer

1. My mom recently took Danielle to get her hair cut. She sent me a picture of the ponytail that was cut off and I freaked out. It’s short…but my Danielle loves it and it fits her personality. She picked it out herself. I’m so proud of her for being brave because I have never had the nerve to cut all my hair off.

2. Speaking of Danielle she has some crazy determination. She hates loosing at Mario Kart so has been playing it every free chance she gets. Finally she won first place against her daddy and got a trophy.

3. Veronica has been spending a lot of time playing with Jillian alone. It’s been great. She asks to bathe her and take care of her. They have a new game they play where Veronica will fall on her face on her bed and then Jilly copies her. Last night when we were praying as a family Jillian kept falling and laughing and getting up and doing it all over again. It warms my heart to see my girls playing together.

4. Ok this is totally inappropriate but 100% funny!! When I walked up to my school in August after they had waxed the floors I was greeted with this sign. I know it means to stay off the wet freshly waxed floors….but come on, this is funny!!

It’s always a good idea to keep off the wet stripper! 🙂

A little back to school humor for you guys!

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