Around the blogosphere

If you have been here for awhile you know that I read a lot of blogs. I have a few favorites and today I noticed that two of them really hit home for me.

First there was this post at

It’s a story about a Husband and Wife trying to find a movie on Netflix. Yep, I’ve been there….almost every time the hubster and I try and watch a movie.

The next one is from the bloggess. I ❤ her! I have spoken about how her book touched me so much and how I think everyone should read it.

Anyway her blog today had this picture:

There is a red light right in front of the store. The Kountry Bakery is across the street and the bowling alley that I spent many many weekends at with my friends in high school is right behind the bank sporting the Texas flag!! I grew up 20 minutes from this place!! This sign is actually the contact photo for my unofficial brother!

I always love it when I find out that someone knows about the area I grew up in. I feel like that someone might just think that area is as special as I do.

** These bloggers don’t know that I’m writing this about them, but I have linked and credited all over the place so you guys know it’s from them and not from me.**

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