Sunday Shorts

1. Saturday for breakfast I made pink pancakes!! Danielle loved them.

2. I think I’m finally getting in “Back to school” mode. I have put it off for so long, and now I’m finally ready, me room? well it’s getting there.

3. We took my telescope out to the country this weekend to watch the meteor shower. Danielle got to stay up late and look through the telescope. We couldn’t get much out at night because none of the planets were up, but it was neat to see pinecones in the very tips of the trees at the other end of the land.

Danielle kept asking me to point out different things to her and was asking questions about what was up in the sky. I love having those talks with my girls.

4. Friday night Danielle and I stayed in my room and watched Sword in the Stone. I love the old Disney movies.

5. Veronica went off on an adventure with her Matka this weekend. They went school clothes shopping and to Painting with a Twist.

My little artist

6. This past week I tried to make candy with the girls, I think I will leave the candy making to the professionals.

My girls relaxing

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