Teaching Barbie to act ladylike

Like most couples when the Hubster and I started talking about marriage and kids we discussed our beliefs in how kids should be raised. One thing I was very serious about was that if I had girls we would not have barbies in our house. My main reason was because naked barbies drive me insane!! Hubster agreed with me but he had his own reason for not allowing barbies. So when Veronica turned 5 (I think) we went against our beliefs and bought a 10 pack of Disney Princess barbies. Hubster said it was ok because they were Disney, I was just having a moment of weakness and I knew my daughter would love them. Of course once the rule is broken there is no turning back!

All the rule breaking barbies!

So naturally with all these barbies we have naked barbies around the house. Hubster and I have both stated that if the girls want to keep them then they will keep them dressed. Today however I decided to take matters in my own hands. So I had the girls get them all…and I undressed them myself!

Behold my hatred for Barbies!!
We got to work on making “modest” barbies

It was actually fun. The girls and I talked about why we were doing this and how it would be in the real world. It brought up some nice “lady like” conversations.

and it looks really cool
Behold, barbies in bathing suits! No more naked barbies!! Thank you pinterest!

Oh and just in case you are wondering….we painted them with nail polish, it dried amazingly fast. Veronica now says she doesn’t want to put their princess gowns back on them because they are so cute.

Of course Barbie had to try out her new bathing suit in the pool!

3 thoughts on “Teaching Barbie to act ladylike

    1. I didn’t think of it….saw it on pinterest. They are wonderful now and I don’t mind that they don’t have their clothes on. So from now on the girls can have as many barbies as they want as long as our nail polish collection grows too!!

      1. You could totally introduce the girls to the opportunity to design, too… SO MUCH could be done… boy-short swimsuits, old-style, polk-a-dots! I always kept my barbies dressed because I ended up making their clothes.

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