Mario Monday

We had big plans for Sunday. We were going to get the yard mowing done and the clothes folded and you know how the list goes. Well we didn’t. Instead we cleaned up the living room and all sat around the t.v. and played Wii.

We took turns racing the girls in Mariokart. Every time I would finish in 11th place Danielle would look up from 12th place and say “It’s ok Mommy, you will do better next time”.  We celebrated when we managed to make one lap around the rainbow road, because guys that one is really hard.

You know the controllers work better the harder you move them.

We played a family game of Mario Party 9 and cheered each other on as we tried to race against the rising lava in the volcano.  The girls were laughing and talking smack to their Daddy.  He ALWAYS wins so it was a joy when someone got ahead of him, even if it didn’t last.

We all cheered when Danielle was in first place!

My house is still a mess….the grass is still growing….and the laundry is still piling up but to hear Danielle talk to her Matka on the phone this morning and the first thing she said was how happy she was that she had made it into first place, made it all worth it.

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