Sunday Shorts

1. Remember this post? Well I would like to say things are going along very well. Danielle saw a quarter and a dime in the floor board of the car and said “Mommy two Disney World funds”. The girls have a jar all decorated and are slowly filling it up. Veronica heard at VBS last week that in one year of collecting just pennies someone had come up with 1 million dollars. So now she is very excited. What I like about our collection is that the girls know what it’s for so I can’t go borrow money out of it. They would kill me!

2. Jillian went to daycare this week. I felt very bad for sending her, but I had some work stuff to take care of and needed the break. Her teachers took great care of her, but my poor little baby has trouble napping at school, so she’s very tired.

3. My family is LOVING this recipe! It’s so simple and so yummy! Yep found it on pinterest.

4. Veronica was hunting tape one day and Danielle said “Not duct tape”. When I asked why not D said that Veronica was going to duct tape her mouth. 🙂

5. You guys…this is AMAZING. Jillian loves it and they are packed individually so I can throw one in my purse and she is set for a snack. They taste like fig newtons without the fig, or maybe it’s the newton, without the middle. 🙂

6. This past week the girls got to spend lots of time at the pool with their Matka. They love going swimming at the conroe YMCA. One afternoon hubster, Jilly and I joined them.

Daddy’s girls

7 In 2 months Jillian will be one year old!!! Ahhhhh….make it slow down!! She can say; dada, mama, cat, sassy and her own little version of Danielle.

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