I think I’m alive!

Wow! These last three days have been amazing, and tiring, and fun and full of adventure!!

Wednesday: The hubster and I got all dressed up and took Danielle and Veronica out to a fancy dinner and to see Broadway’s the Lion King that is touring near us. It was amazing. Rex and I saw it 10 years ago when it came to our town so this time to be able to share it with our children was wonderful. The looks of excitement for the puppets, laughing at the jokes, joy over someone opening the door for them at the vallet parking (that was an extra special treat we NEVER do it). We enjoyed a fancy dinner, Veronica said it was fancy because it had a crystal chandelier. 🙂

Thursday: The hubster and I left the girls with their Aunt Holley and we spent 457 minutes watching a the Dark Knight marathon! Ok I will admit I was scared, scared I was going to turn into a grumpy bitch before 11:00. I was able to stay awake and enjoy all 3 movies. We went with the Hubster’s sister and her husband, it’s nice to get out and be adults sometimes. We had a good crowd that wasn’t too crazy. It seemed to be the hardcore fans.

Friday: Well we got home from our movie adventure at 4:00 a.m. Friday morning! I slept until 11:00 and then picked up the kids from their last day of VBS and we went to Conroe to go swimming all afternoon. The girls love spending time at the pool and Jillian was working on jumping in. I had 3 tired little girls on the drive home.

So after going to bed at 8:00 last night and waking up at 10:00 I think I have caught up on my sleep. I love it when summer days are exciting and adventures. Today we are doing nothing too special, just cleaning house and trying to tame the grumpy kids. They obviously haven’t caught up on their sleep. 🙂

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