Jillian’s Paint Box

Like most kids when I was growing up I would latch onto a book and make my mom read it a hundred times. Now as a mom myself I feel sorry for all those times I made my mom read the Tawny Scrawny Lion and other such books. One such book was Panda Bear’s Paint Box.

He was a plain black and white panda bear, until he started painting. He was painting a picture of the weather and him out in it. I liked how he had a purpose and an explanation about everything he added to the drawing.

She might have had paper but that didn’t stop Jillian. She painted herself.
Her big sisters starting putting their hand prints on her.

At that moment when I was putting my paint covered baby in the bathtub my mind went back to those many times I read Panda Bear’s paintbox. Here was my daughter, living out the story.

Thank goodness it was washable paint (and non-toxic)

Of course after all that fun painting she had no trouble falling asleep.

I wonder if she’s dreaming about all the wonderful colors she played with today?

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