My heart just melts

Sunday evening we went to the park after dinner to kill some time and let the girls work out their energy. Since we knew Jillian wasn’t going to last long we told them that they only had about 45 minutes and to use it wisely.

After a few minutes of swinging, the hubster took Jillian and let her crawl around in the grass with him. He of course calls Veronica over to check out a bug and before I know it I see this.

I didn’t dare get closer and spoil the fun.

So as I’m watching this take place I realize that I don’t really know what they are looking out, but they are studying whatever it is very intently. I see Jillian dig in the dirt and Danielle change places to get a better look. I hear Veronica asking questions. Finally Danielle realizes that she doesn’t know where I am so she gets up to share her treasure with me.

See mommy, look at the worm family. They are all happy and nice and friendly and they won’t eat you.

Apparently their daddy had been teaching them about worms. At about the time Danielle was showing off her new friends to me Veronica realized that she only had a few more minutes left at the park so she jumped up and said “only 45 minutes” and like that the magic was gone. However there for awhile all 4 of my kids were talking, exploring and learning together. I just loved seeing my hubster interact with the girls.

Jillian apparently was eating the dirt while Veronica and Danielle were digging in it.

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