Sunday Shorts

1. I’m thinking about staying away from Pinterest for awhile…all the education stuff my friends are pinning is making me think about school too much!

2. Speaking of Pinterest, I have never tried nutella and judging from the way people act about it on pinterest I think it’s a good thing.

3. Driving home today Danielle said “I’m going to wash this cheek when I get home (pointing to her face), I said I hope you wash all 4 of them when you get home” She then laughed at me and said she didn’t have four.

4. We went and did grocery shopping this morning, as a treat to the girls I took them into the McDonalds in Wal-mart to get a drink while we shopped. So Danielle put her whole hand under the root beer got it wet and licked it. I asked her who trained her to do that and Veronica looked at me and said, “she learns a lot from you momma”. As I explained to Veronica that I would never teach a child to do that, I actually did it myself!! Trust me though, that was strictly for lessons sake and I never actually do that.

5. I would like to apologize to every one for the rain because it’s all my fault. See when I was packing up my classroom I looked at my big golf umbrella and said “I won’t need that…it’s the summer”. So Texas is proving me wrong! Personally I love the rain and think I would be happy if I could convince the hubster to move me to Seattle.

I love summer mornings even if they do start at 6:30! 🙂

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