One penny at a time….

I have this dream of waking up my children at 3:00 and tell them we are getting on a plane. I don’t tell them where we are going until we land and they see the gates to Disney World. Well being a parent has taught me a few things.

First is that my kids are way smarter than that and they know my dreams. Second is there is now way I could keep that most awesome news secret and third is that since it’s something we all want let’s make it a family project!

So here is what I did….

I went to my handy dandy interwebz and mapped out exactly what I would want to do and experience on a trip to Disney World. I’m talking character lunches, Princess experiences and don’t forget the all important day trip to Harry Potter World. I came up with a very generous total: $5,000.00. That price includes hotel, gas, food, tickets to get in the gates, everything I could think of needing and then about 500.00 left over for emergency. Now we have a problem…

Hubster and I have lots of goals and before my kids enjoy meeting Mickey Mouse we need to move, but that’s not going to stop me from planning. So right now and probably for the next year my girls are in charge of saving money for Disney. No they don’t get an allowance, but they do pick up dimes off the floor. They do raid my wallet from time to time. So I told them that every penny, every coin, whatever type of money they could find they could put in the Disney World fund. Veronica quickly caught on that the more money she puts in there the quicker we get to go. Now she did kinda freak out when I told her we need 5,000.00 but I explained to her that as soon as we moved Daddy and I would be helping save up.

Now my kids have become coin hunters! They won’t let me spend any money because they know that is money taking away from Disney World. So if my kids are ever around and all of a sudden your coin purse is empty, or your quarters are gone from the counter please know that my kids took it and it’s to help fund their Dream come true.

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