Sometimes you just have to believe

No one has ever seen a Unicorn but people still believe they exist. It’s like Santa and the Easter bunny, sure you don’t see them but you get presents Christmas morning and your Easter nest gets filled with goodies. Well today we found evidence of Unicorns!

Clue #1 was that things were starting to change colors.
Clue #2 Rabbits don’t make those colors.
Clue #3 Sprinkles….EVERYWHERE!
Clue #4 Sure looks like poop to me!

Well we all know that everything poops. I can’t think of anything else that would poop in rainbows covered in sprinkles. So it must be Unicorn poop. Oh and one more thing….

they are yummy!!!

So just remember, if there is something you want to believe in but you can’t seem to find it, look to the evidence around you. You never know what clues might be right in front of you.

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