Beach Babies

Well today we took the kids to Port Lavaca.

Danielle letting the waves hit her.

Danielle: “Mommy do you know the best part of the beach?”

Me: “What?”

Danielle: “You can potty in it!”

Jillian on the other hand wasn’t so sure about the beach. Every time the water hit her she thought “W.T.F. why is the water slapping me?” Then she got a taste of the sand and O.M.G. it was the best thing she had ever eaten.


She finally got ok with the water after some time out of it watching the sea gulls.

This beach thing isn’t so bad.
There’s nothing better than burying your big sister in sand.
Jillian telling the waves to come on

Of course the whole time I was swimming I was freaking out because I couldn’t see my feet and I kept thinking that it sucks to live on the dirty side of the delta.

I guess she had the goggles on to protect her eyes from all the dirt.

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