Sunday Shorts~ Let’s be Happy Edition!

1. OMG I don’t know how it happened but my little Jillian is working on standing up!

2. My hubster is going over a hill today! Woohoo for him and woohoo for me because now I’m not the only one in my 30s

3. Since coming back from their trip Danielle and Veronica have needed some space. Well one afternoon Veronica was being really rude to Danielle, so D gets her nerf bat and starts beating Veronica with it. I was watching and no one got hurt, the girls were laughing…but I’m sure that made D feel better.

4. Driving in the car this weekend Danielle said “Mommy there’s a finger in my ear”. The little girl was sticking her own finger in her ear so we laughed out her…then she pulled it out and said “Oh good, I got it out”. She knew we were all having a tough time and wanted to make us laugh.

5. I think the next funeral I go to I will pass out name tags. They should said “my name is…I’m married to…and he’s the son of….” Sure would make keeping everyone straight a whole lot easier.

6. This week my girls and I will travel to Victoria to spend time in the country. I’m excited to get away for a bit.

Well interwebz it’s been one crazy weekend. I hope you guys have a great week!

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