Happy Birthday Rexipoo!

It’s been 11 years since you came into my life and I couldn’t be happier. So here are 30 reasons I love you on your 30th birthday.

1. I love your deep brown eyes and the way you look at me.

2. I love the amazing children you have given me

3. I love the way you can go into your “bodyguard” stance but still hold a pink blanket or a baby doll.

4. I love how you know exactly what I want…most of the time before I do.

5. I love the way you waited for me when I was unsure and scared about our relationship.

6. I love that you never lost faith in me when I said “you love me more then I love you”. You just agreed and waited for that time when my love could finally reach the depths of yours. I think we are there.

7. I love that you send me pictures to let me know that everything’s ok and not to worry while I’m out with my girls.

8.I love that you make sure to turn on the alarm while I still have my glasses on so I can “see the dots”.

9. I love that in every house we have lived in you have put in an alarm system so I feel safer.

10. I love that you let me have my crazy times and make the bed for me before we go to bed.

11. I love how you let me plan my wild and crazy dreams and then give me a week to think about it and calm it down and turn it into a much better and easier to achieve dream in the end.

12. I love the way that you know I don’t drink orange juice in the morning and that my grapes have to be all of the stems in a little bowl. You pay attention to all the little things that make me happy.

13. I love that even then you don’t understand my blanket obsessions you accept them.

14. I am so thankful for the father you are to our daughters and the way you are helping me raise them.

15. I love that you don’t mind me telling that you are being an arrogant ass and you are even open to finding out why.

16. I love that you let me be in charge when I need to be and you take the reins when you need to. We have developed a very nice dance that we do.

17. I love that in 10 years you have developed a very small tolerance of country music and you will play it in the car for me.

18. Even though sometimes it annoys me I love that you can look into my eyes and tell when I don’t really mean what I say.

19. I love that you let us argue like adults and you are able to look at both sides of the story.

20. I love sending you e-mails as numbered lists and you respond to every single number even if one of them says “I had to put this one on here to end in an even number.

21. I love that you are accepting of my condition and mental state and you ask questions and try to understand it.

22. I am grateful that you don’t judge me for being so dependent on my medicine.

23. Even though it makes our backyard an animal hotel I love your big heart when it comes to sick animals.

24. I love that you joke around with me.

25. I love that you make breakfast for us every single morning before school so we can sit down and talk as a family. Those moments are very important to me and our children.

26. I love that I never once had to say that we would eat at the table as a family and we’ll pray together before every meal. Our family just happened that way with you guiding us.

27. I love that when we plan dates you will let us get to the theater 45 minutes before the movie starts so I can sit there and relax with my snacks. That is always the most calming time to me.

28. I love that you have woken up my nerdy side and don’t laugh at me when I asks questions like “what is it with all the these are the droids you are looking for quotes”.

29. I love that we still have thumb wars when we hold hands.

30. Rex I love all the things that make you who you are, even your stubbornness. Most of all I love that you bring chaos into my life. I love that you are always taking me out of my comfort zone, but you are right there by my side helping me to cope with it. When you look at me and smile and your eye does that sparkle thing I know that no matter what it is everything is going to be ok because you are with me.

Happy Birthday Rex. I’m so thankful that you chose me to grow old with.

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