9 month Check-up

On Tuesday we traveled down to Conroe for Jilly to have her 9 month check up.

Since Daddy was working we decided to pick up my mom and make it a girls day.

Veronica holding the puppies
Danielle wouldn’t go anywhere without her puppy in her hands.

So we picked up Matka and drove to Conroe. The girls love the doctor’s office because of the big fish tank.

Jillian loved the fish
She loved playing with Dr. Mac’s tools

Well Dr. Mac said our baby was perfect! She weighs 21 pounds and and is 31 inchecs long. In height she is in the 100% and in weight she is in the 87%, basically meaning she is tall for her age but not heavy. She right on target with her speech and pulling up on furniture. She only had to get one shot but stopped crying from that pretty quickly.

After the doctor’s visit we went and had lunch at our favorite place to visit in Conroe, Chick-fil-A. I have a new obsession, half sweet tea and half lemonade! OMG interwebz….soooooooo yummy!! Some one please come build a chick-fil-a in my town. I promise you will make millions!!

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