Sunday Shorts, my family is whole again edition

Well my family is back together again!! The girls got home yesterday to new rooms! They love them. Veronica has a desk and she said ” it’s halfway between teen and kid, just like me”.

Danielle is sharing with Jillian now, which should be fun but we will see. Danielle’s bed is high up so her Aunt Holley fixed her a hidey hole under it with a lamp and everything. So here are my shorts for you guys.

1. When I tucked Veronica in she said “Mommy it’s the 23rd, Brave came out on the 22nd can we go to the movies?”. I just don’t know where she gets it from.

2. Last night before we tucked the girls in we asked each of them the favorite part of the trip. Danielle said all the swimming and Veronica said the rafting. Danielle told us that yellowstone isn’t a city and Veronica told us that Canada stole all her fruit. The things kids latch on to.

3. I asked D if she would take a naughty nap with me today (where we get to cuddle each other and go to sleep), she said she would. I have been waiting for that for a long time.

4. On Tuesday Jillian goes for her 9 month well check visit. That means shots! Oh well maybe my baby will finally start to feel better.

5. My tarantula molted! I have never seen her do that before. It was very neat to watch.

6. There must be a Twilight Bark going on for stray and starving dogs. Another cute little puppy showed up at our door step. Jillian brought him home because when she went for a walk he was licking her toes all the way home. The girls say they love the new puppy. I say it poops and can’t stay. Anyone need a dog? 🙂

7. The hubster is moving offices this week, not changing jobs, just getting out of the health hazard he currently works in. I hope he can stay in a good mood.

8. I have quickly gone through the numerous photos taken from the girls trip. Here are my two favorite ones.

Four Corners!
Captain D Marie

While typing this blog I had to make the announcement that the next one to come to me crying was taking a nap! So what does my loving hubster do? He comes up to me crying!! No chance honey muffin!

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