Monday Minis

Ok so I’m a day late…but there are great reasons! Here are your sunday shorts…on a monday.

1. We had the last day of school…sorta! Veronica is done for the summer, but she’s the only one.

2. Friday morning we had our end of school year breakfast. The one where we honor our teachers and friends. I was so proud when my dear friend was finally honored for all she does to help us. Science lab would never work if we didn’t have Mrs. B.

3. Saturday was a normal day….laundry, grocery shopping.

4. Sunday I drove down to Shiner, Tx for their Memorial Day picnic. Polka music, real sausage, and beer, it’s just what my soul needed.

5. At the picnic we met up with my Aunt and Uncle and left Veronica with them for the week.

6. So I seem to have gotten lost…lost in a book, again! I finished the Serpent’s Shadow and went right into Fifty Shades of Grey. Even the hubster has started reading it. This book deserves a whole post of it’s own!

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