Sunday Shorts…Catching up edition!

1. Ok if you are still able to read this I’m guessing Apophis hasn’t destroyed the world! I’m still not finished with the book…I read every chance I get, you think one day I would learn not to read in the bed, under the covers and when I’m tired. I WILL finish the book this weekend…some how.

2. We OFFICIALLY have a crawler! There’s no stopping her now.

3. I had Family Fun day on Friday….all around the t.v. playing Mario Party 9. The kids loved it..even the big one with the beard.

4. On Saturday we had a girls day with my mom and went to Conroe. It was shopping for some summer shorts for the kids, taking care of Daddy Day things while my girls were still in town and stopping to play at the park for a bit. Jillian loved the swings.

5. After our day in Conroe my mom volunteered to watch the girls while Hubster and I went on a double date with our besties Holley and David! We got to have an adult dinner and a movie! Let me just say that Avenagers was AWESOME! I’m not even a big fan of action movies…but I loved it!

6. I know I’ve said it before but I love car rides with my girls when I can turn Glee up as loud as I can and we can sing and dance.

7. Jillian had a blow out in the car…I’m talking poop on the car seat…poop on her bottle…everything. I couldn’t stop laughing while her big sisters made gagging noises while they were stuck in the back seat with her. Hubster and I always say that baby poop defies the law of physics!

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