Sunday Shorts- Mother’s Day Edition!

With it being the weekend before payday we had a pretty low key weekend. This is how it went!

1. Dinner with my mom on Friday night.

2. Saturday I asked the hubster if I could sleep late. I knew the girls wouldn’t let me sleep late on Sunday because they were excited about Mother’s day.

3. Saturday afternoon we went to the in-laws and had crawfish and swam. Jillian slept all day long! She’s pushing out some new teeth so she has just been sleeping and crying and sleeping some more. One of them has finally broken the skin so we’re hoping she will settle down soon.

4. She’s so close to crawling…but not it looks like she’s trying to figure out how to stand up. Girl wants to run before she walks. It’s going to be a crazy summer keeping up with her.

5. I told me girls for breakfast I wanted pancakes, well we didn’t have the stuff…so I kinda “borrowed” it while we were at the in-laws. So if you check your pantry and think you have stuff for pancakes…you’re not going crazy (well crazier) it walked away. 🙂

6. Veronica has 9 days left of school. Danielle has 14. I have 19 and Jillian has 24. Summer is so close!!

7. Danielle has decided when she grows up she wants to be a princess who can spell! I told her that was great but she was going to have to work had because spelling isn’t easy.

Have a great week interwebz! I have some pictures from this weekend that I will post later!

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