Sunday shorts

This has been a pretty successful weekend!

1. The girls got up early and we did some house cleaning. It was nice to be done with that by 10:30!

2. We had to clean up the floors because we are about to have a baby on the move!

Look out! Pretty soon nothing is going to be safe!

3. Since the house was cleaned pretty quickly the girls had some time to just sit and relax. Danielle decided she was going to read to her sister.

time with big sister

4. After Jillian’s nap we went over to my mom’s house for a little girl time. Everyone got their toes painted!

5. Veronica only has 13 more days of being a second grader!! OMG!

6. Summer vacation is right around the corner and I’m so excited.

7. Our A/C seems to have broken again…not very excited about that! 😦 Last night the girls camped out on my bedroom floor because the heat was too much for them in their room. I’m hoping this gets fixed soon.

8. My students had so much fun doing science amercian idol last week. There is nothing better then a Photosynthesis Opera!! 🙂

Bubble Baths and Pedicures, it sure is a hard life for a baby around this house.

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