It’s that time of year again.

You know what I’m talking about. Every end of the year a lot of teachers start talking about how miserable they have been and how they are leaving the school. They hold onto their contracts not wanting to sign them hoping that a new job comes up. I have discovered that the best soap opera is watching the employment opportunities page change.

So a few weeks ago my mom starts talking to me about one of her friends getting hired to go teach in Dubai. She tells me about all the benefits they have, how much they get paid, what experiences their kids will have. Well you know me, I’m a dreamer, so I start looking into it. I start dreaming. I’m thinking about the field trips to Russia for my own children. The life experiences my children would get are amazing to me. You guys know my kids are smart and I fear all the time about what they will receive in this little town.

Then I come up with plans for the hubster and I. I can work, he can stay at home with the kids and get his college degree. We do this for say 5 years and then come back to America and life is wonderful!

So then the fear sets in. Since the Hubster doesn’t have a college degree his current job is the best for him, so if he doesn’t get that degree while we are gone there might not be any jobs for him while we are gone. So I get a new strategy! I’m hire able! So let’s have the hubster find the job. Interwebz let me tell you…he found 3! Two jobs in London and 1 in Switzerland working for Google! How cool would that be for my family? Tea with the Queen or fresh Swiss chocolate. I laughed saying that now I could have that Swiss bank account I’ve always wanted.

Then the fear sets in again. Hubster and I talk about how scary it is to think about packing up our little girls and heading to a country we’ve never been to before. He’s smart and says something about everything being scary until you do. I’m emotional and say that this must be what it felt like for the first immigrants to move to America in hopes for the American dream. I started to feel like we were chasing the same American dream, it just went to a different country, but how do you know which one?

So we gave each other a week to think about it. A week to go into the dark hole in your head and find out how you truly feel about things when no one else is around. We rent our house so we don’t have roots there. Our girls aren’t in high school yet so moving them would be easier now rather then later. Well we came back together and have no fear I won’t be blogging from across the pond. Secretly I’m a little sad about it because it would have been such an adventure. However with 3 little girls we have to think of what’s best for them. I can assure you that if we didn’t have kids I would be writing this with an English accent! 🙂

Hubster and I still have dreams and goals. We have things we want for ourselves and things we want for our kids. There are some things happening around us that we don’t want our kids exposed to and yet there are awesome things happening around us. We have to make decisions as parents what’s best for our kids and their future. With that said the Hubster and I like it here. We love where we work and who we get to work with, we love what we do. Our children have great teachers and great friends. We greatly enjoy the community, but we can still always dream.

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