I’m a survivor!

Oh my goodness!! Today to school I wore my fireworks shirt because that is exactly what this week needed!!

Between kid field trips, STAAR testing, no conferences, 5th grade drama, sleepless nights, I could go on and on! But it’s over! Yes I know it’s Thursday and there is still another day in the week but tomorrow is going to rock my socks off!!

Here are a few random thoughts about my week!

1. You know it’s going to be a great day when you walk into the gym in the morning with your snake around your neck and the only thing your students can worry about is that the tarantula is going to get out.

2. I have the best students in the world! I took my magic cord into the gym in the morning and played the singing science teacher for the whole school to hear one morning…my kids got up and danced with me!!

3. A kid raised his hand and said “Teacher what time are we going to lunch today?” I replied with “The same time we go to lunch everyday Pinky!”…I just walked away laughing to myself, he seemed happy with the answer so I left it at that.

4. An extra added bonus to the week was that the day my 5th graders were finished taking their test I found out that contracts where in! So I ran up to the office as soon as I could and signed mine for next year!

The rest of the year is going to be so much fun! I’m hosting an Science American Idol! There will be ice cream, there will be Pet rocks, we will study careers in Science, we will do the metric olympics and make shrunken heads! This is one of my favorite times of the year!

2 thoughts on “I’m a survivor!

  1. OK, let me seeif I understand this correctly. You had a live snake around your neck? If this is true, you get the award for… Well I am in shock and speachless! WAY TO GO IS ALL I CAN THINK TO SAY!!!!

    1. Ok Yes I had a snake around my neck…but no it wasn’t a live one! Are you crazy? 🙂 It was the big rubber one that stays on top of my tarantula habitat so the spider can’t lift the top off and get out. :)That was why the kids were worried.

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