Every girl at one point in their life has dreamed about being loved by someone and what it would mean. I know I use to pretend that I was Snow White sleeping in a bed of flowers with 7 little men watching over me and talking about how beautiful I was and sad it was that I was sleeping and not awake.

Well then I graduated high school and reality hit me in the face like a big mac truck. My ideals on what was romantic evolved with my life. I like to think that being married for 10 years I have a pretty good idea of what is romantic to me. It’s funny how almost 15 years later someone watching me sleep creeps me out. I don’t mind a little….Oh I woke up before you so I’m watching you for 5 minutes before I wake you up kinda watching. But Edward Cullen sitting all night just watching and doing nothing else….CREEPY!!

Just so you guys know that I’m not making any of this up. I wanted to share a picture I found on pinterest.

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