Sunday Shorts

Well the dewberries survived another weekend and I think my family has caught up on the rest and relaxation of the last month!

1. I never really realized how tired I was. After sleeping till 10, I ended up taking a nap in the middle of the day. At least now I’m ready to tackle the week!

2. My mom packed my lunch for me for tomorrow!! I’m so excited! She made her lo-mein noodles that are soooo good as leftovers. It’s one of the few leftovers I’ll eat. So she brought it to me today.

3. My girls switched beds again. They are always changing who sleeps in which bunk. I don’t mind, I was always changing my room around when I was growing up. I consider it there own little form of self expression.

4. Friday night is relay for life! It’s an event my family looks forward to every year. We can’t wait. 🙂

There isn’t really much else going on. With such a low key weekend my sunday shorts are kinda boring. Hopefully this week will being some excitement to the blog. 🙂

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