Slumber Party Rules!!

We all know the rules to slumber parties. No sleeping, bra freezing, wild screaming, crazy dancing…however there is another one that people not actually at the party need to know.

Don’t leave your keys and vehicle on that party house!!

because the adult might make an emergency run to wal-mart in the pjs 🙂
Armed and dangerous they might want to show their love for you to the world!!
1 4 3 means I love you!
Hey if we say the kids did it we won't get in trouble!
See it was ALL the kids fault!
Even the inside was fair game!

The girls had tons of fun. Cops are always driving past our house and they drove by tons of times while we were doing this, I kept wanting one of them to stop to talk to the girls. We all hope you know we only did this to you to show you how much you mean to us. Thank you for being part of my family and for helping to make my daughter’s party so special!!

2 4 3

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