The streamers were hung from the ceiling with care….

The day has finally arrived. The day that my little Veronica has been planning for over a year!! It’s time for her 8th birthday slumber party! I’m not going to lie to you interwebz there were a few times that I wished something would happen to make us have to cancel the party. I know she will enjoy and I know she will have fun, but I’m having trouble handling the anxiety of it. Is my house clean enough? Do I have enough food? Will everyone have a good time? When I found myself cleaning the inside of the washing machine I made myself stop. I finally had to say “it is what it is” and move on.

I know it will be great and I know it will be a party to remember for her. So here is what I have decided to do. When the slumber party starts, I’m going to be blogging…not like live blogging, but I’m going to update you guys about every hour or so and let you know about the wild and fun things going on. It will all be in one post, so it should be a totally awesome post when I”m done!! So please stay tuned and have a great weekend.

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