Living with a Science Teacher

So it’s the day after Easter and that means time to freeze all the candy, empty all the eggs, and collect Easter grass from every nook and cranny you can imagine.

The girls have been spending the afternoon cleaning when Danielle walks up to me and sees the ziploc full of plastic eggs. She gets that sparkle in her eyes and asks if she can have some of the stuff that’s in there. I tell her she can have all the stuff that’s in there when she is done with her chores. She runs to her big sister and says “Did you hear that Veronica? We can eat everything that’s in here when we are done”.

So the girls keep working and every few minutes Danielle asks me if it’s time to eat what’s in the eggs. Finally I tell her to go get them and she can have EVERYTHING that’s in there. Hubster has been listening to all of this and starts smiling. He counts:





Then all of a sudden we hear Danielle say “There’s nothing in these eggs!!”

I tried to explain to her that the eggs were actually full of a pretty important thing that she couldn’t life without, but she wasn’t buying it. She shook each egg and told me I was wrong and they were empty. Her big sister Veronica came over and said that they were full of air, but Danielle didn’t like that. Maybe next time she will pay a little more attention.

We all had a good laugh about it and maybe Danielle will now think first before she asks me a question.

Danielle with her loot from the Easter bunny!

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